SAMRO (South African Music Rights Organisation) a non-profit company that manages most of SA's music licenses requested a website refresh. In a rapid 2 week project, I looked at their customers' needs and existing site, and crafted a fresh design that was responsive and relevant.

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted confidential information and have used only material available in the public domain. All information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of SAMRO.

The challenge

The client had 2 objectives for this mini project, firstly refresh the website using a modern flat design that was responsive and secondly use customer personas to restructure content.

My role

I joined the project as the only research and design resource. I worked closely with key people within the organization and communicated my findings to the remote development team. I was responsible for gathering info, needs analysis, concept ideation, wireframing, design, prototyping, and testing front-end code.

SAMRO Anti-piracy
SAMRO Anti-piracy


The project followed a very simple process: Research – Design – Iterate – Develop. It was a little different to my usual projects because I was running solo and wearing a few hats.

I spent a large portion of time understanding the business by conducting interviews with people from different departments. The most valuable info was gained through speaking to the telephone support staff and the front line assistance staff. Sales consultants were very forthcoming with customer pain points. 

I built several artifacts such as a Business Model Canvas, customer personas, an affinity map of user needs and a sitemap.

Business Model Canvas
Business Model Canvas

The paper application forms was an area I highlighted as problematic for customers unfortunately, it was not within the scope of work to redesign all the forms. 

Demystifying the application forms
Demystifying the application forms

Next, I moved to prioritizing and restructuring info and content based on my understanding of the business and their customer. I had regular check-ins with marketing to ensure my thinking was sound 🎶 😛

The design portion was done at pace. I opted for a hybrid approach combining both mobile first and biggest problem first. I worked on desktop designs first, if the page was complex and small mobile breakpoints if the page was simple enough to solve with a common design pattern. I worked from both ends concurrently.

I started with very..very rough paper sketches. I then built several style tiles to solidify the aesthetic. Then I moved straight to very high fidelity wireframes which I prototyped.

Lastly, I converted the wires to a Hi-fi clickable prototype and did a walkthrough handover to development.


Screenshot SAMRO Homepage
SAMRO Homepage